logo.jpgMake-Up Lesson Policy

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1. Once a lesson is paid for, it is expected that that lesson will take place.Endeavour to be available for every lesson. If the regular lesson time poses a problem, contact your teacher to find a time that is more suitable.

2. Give as much notice as possible when cancelling a lesson. Email 24 hours prior to lesson; call or text if closer to lesson time.

3. It is YOUR responsibility to arrange a make-up lesson. Please phone your teacher.

4. A forgotten lesson is forfeit.

5. There will be a surcharge of $25 for a make-up lesson.

6. A maximum of 2 cancelled lessons per student per year (September to June) will be made up. If a make-up lesson cannot be scheduled during the school year, cancelled lessons will be made up during the summer months (July/August).

7. Make-up lessons cannot be carried forward to the next school year.

8. Regularly scheduled lessons cannot be used as make-up lessons.