Saxophone Notes:

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1. Name the parts of the instrument

• Body
• Bell
• Neck
• Neck strap
• Mouthpiece
• Rods
• Keys
• Pads

2. Name the parts of the mouthpiece

• Mouthpiece
• Ligature
• Mouthpiece cap

3. Name the parts of the reed

• Stock
• Shoulder
• Vamp
• Heart
• Tip

4. How to put the instrument together

• Put reed in mouth
• Put the neck strap on and adjust up and down
• Check cork (grease if necessary)
• Grab the body by the bell with your right hand and lift out of case
• Attach neck strap to the instrument with your left hand
• Remove the plug
• Sit on chair and attach neck to the body (hold octave key down)

==> Put sax on chair between legs
==> Loosen screw
==> Gently slide in the neck to the body
==> Line up neck piece to body
==> Tighten screw (not too tight)

• Attach mouthpiece (without ligature or mouthpiece cap) to neck

5. How to put the reed on the mouthpiece

• Put bell on lap and make sure the neck strap is attached
• Put ligature on mouthpiece (loosen screws)
• Hold ligature up with left hand and carefully slide reed with right hand down on to the mouthpiece
• Line up the reed and hold with left hand
• Slide ligature down to correct position (below the shoulder) and tighten

6. How to form an embouchure

• Upper teeth on mouthpiece
• Lower lip as cushion on reed (cover bottom teeth)
• Seal the lips around the mouthpiece like a drawstring

7. How to clean the instrument and disassemble

• Keep neck strap attached to body
• Remove reed and put in case
• Remove mouthpiece/ligature and put in case
• Remove neck (hold down octave key) and put in case
• Put the plug on body
• Grab body by the bell with right hand
• Disconnect neck strap with left hand
• Put body into case
• Remove neck strap and put into the case
• Clean each piece:

==> Mouthpiece
==> Neck and connecting sleeve
==> Body

• Close case